Clinica Planas
Barcelona (Spain)

Clinica Planas, founded in 1971, is the first clinic in Europe specializing exclusively in plastic and aesthetic surgery. A team of highly specialized medics and surgeons for each specific area (rhinoplasty, lifting, DIEP, capillary, laser surgery, botox, infiltration, etc.) allows to offer to the patients the most effective medical care. Research and the continuous deepening of specialization in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery have always been a priority area of Clinica Planas.

The clinic has excellent equipment and applies the latest technology for plastic surgery. Ultrasonic liposuction, radio wave scalpel, endoscopic equipment for facial and breast plastic, etc. Among the novelties used, for example, there is a biochip, which allows to detect a lot of gene changes and make individual programs that slow the aging process. The clinic is represented by comfortable single rooms, where you will receive careful personal care.

Doctors of the Planas Clinic maintain close ties with leading plastic surgery specialists around the world. They constantly improve their knowledge, controlling the latest achievements in the field of world plastic and aesthetic surgery. Recognized specialists from the US and other European countries are invited to conduct operations at the Planas Clinic.

Increasingly, anti-aging programs are gaining popularity, which are in demand not only for women, but also for men. Identification of factors that adversely affect the aging of an individual and neutralize them through individually tailored programs is a complex task for clinic specialists. The aim of such programs is to increase the duration and improve the quality of life not only physically, but also psychological, sexual and other aspects.

In addition to rendering services in the field of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, among the priorities in the clinic are also issues of dietetics and nutraceuticals, dentistry, biological age monitoring, compilation of a biological "map" of a person. Planas regularly conducts various forums and conferences.