Clinica Corachan
Барселона, Испания

Clínica Corachan was established on 19 May 1921 in its current location by Dr Manuel Corachan García, an eminent surgeon and prolific teacher.

The original building comprised a tower block in the Sarrià district and still forms part of the clinic today, in the west wing of the Corachan 1 building. The healthcare complex now has a total surface area of 40,000 m2 and employs more than 1,200 professionals, directly and indirectly.

From the very beginning, Clínica Corachan has been closely linked to the progress and development of Catalan healthcare, employing renowned members of the medical community. It is a deeply rooted organisation known for its proximity, quality and prestigeIn the context of its commitment to quality, progress and excellence, in 2009 Clínica Corachan was named the best clinic in Spain in the IASIST TOP 20 category for major private hospitals, and in 2010 it was number one in Catalonia in the same category. The clinic is accredited by the Catalan Regional Government as an acute hospital care centre and was the first in Spain to receive the “Confianza” accreditation in Patient Safety.

In 2013 99% of surveyed patients described the medical care received in Clínica Corachan as positive, and the average score was 8.45 points, with 90% positive recommendation intention. 

In 2014 Clínica Corachan took an important step forward with a new 12,995 mbuilding completely integrated in the rest of the healthcare complex. The expansion contains cutting-edge facilities, new high-tech operating rooms, a new and complete obstetrics area, a new A&E department, new rooms, new parking spaces, new high-performance magnetic resonance imaging and many more services.