Barcelona Spine Center – Dr. Clavel
Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona Spine Center is one of the best centers in the world for non-invasive spine surgery and a pioneer in artificial disc replacement (ADR) surgery. For more than 15 years our prestigious surgeons and specialized medical personnel have performed cutting-edge neurosurgery treatments.


In cases of disc degeneration in which either cervical or lumbar conditions cause radicular pain (nerve) surgery is necessary if conservative medical treatment has not been effective.

In these cases, the most commonly performed procedure is lumbar or cervical fusion or fixation.

The professionals that work here believe that ADR (Artificial Disc Replacement) surgery is a better alternative to fusion surgery and much less invasive. It consists in the replacement of degenerated lumbar or cervical discs with an artificial implant designed to mimic the healthy natural disc.

The most common spinal conditions which Barcelona Spine Center deals with are lumbar disc herniation, lumbar canal stenosis and other conditions that can be treated with lumbar instrumented arthrodesis. Amongst the latter are: lumbar spondylolisthesis, lumbar canal stenosis associated with spondylolisthesis, adult scoliosis, hernia recurrence and low back pain due to lumbar degenerative disc disease.