Selection of clinics, translation all necessary medical documents, making appointments and accompaniment to the doctor 240€ 
Selection of an insurance company in Spain and signing the insurance contract 100€
Translation of documents, certificates, etc 35€/p
Translation of medical documents and their certification by sworn translator From  85€/p.
Accompaniment to the doctor, lawyer, notary, etc. (minimum order - 2 hours) 60€/hour
Transfer (one way) 45€
Transfer in a city-luxury car 115€
Transportation services in big cities of Spain 45€/hour
Transportation services in luxury cars 80€/hour
Selection and booking a hotel /a car in Spain 40€
Reservations and purchasing railway/ tickets, etc. 25€




If you are not sure which service to book we offer you an information service:


At your request we will prepare an individual price list.




50% of information services cost is deducted from the final cost.


Information service 80 €


The cost of services does not include VAT 21%.