Our goal

Our goal – is to provide services in the field of medical tourism in the highest level. To achieve this we are trying to make sure our patients get everything they need for the most effective treatment and a comfortable stay in a foreign country.

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We are trying to make the treatment in the most effective and simplest way. Therefore, receiving a request from a member of our club, MEDTRAVELCLUB does everything to ensure that even first visit to a doctor as the next ones would give the best results. Our task – is to simplify the treatment process so that it would not become a burden for you, and pass easily and quickly, remaining productive.

For this MEDTRAVELCLUB offers an individual approach to each member of the club, providing the conditions with LUXE level. We select an individual treatment program, clinics according to a character of the disease and patient's preferences. Particular attention is paid to our young patients.  We try to simplify the first visit to a doctor and all subsequent process, so that the child would not have time to understand he is being treated.

Our main priorities - are your comfort and the best results. To achieve this goal MEDTRAVELCLUB literally reverses the world of medical tourism, which on behalf of our company acquires other forms:  simple, comfortable and efficient.