First steps

In this section you will find a detailed description of all work processes inside MEDTRAVELCLUB. We hope this information would help you to understand the philosophy of our company. Let experts care about your health!

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Selecting a doctor

The efficiency of your treatment /diagnosis is based on the following factors:

- The right approach to the methods of diagnosis;

- Accuracy in diagnosis;

- Professionally made treatment plan.

Selecting a doctor is very difficult, especially in a foreign country. MEDTRAVELCLUB provides an opportunity to use the services of qualified doctors in Spain that meet the following criteria:

- Higher level of medical proficiency;

- The Doctor of Medicine degree;

- Membership in international medical associations;

The best doctor of the highest category will hold your examination and treatment. We chose a narrow specialist in appropriate medical field.

MEDTRAVELCLUB does not allow a situation when our patient goes to hospital on their own and gets lost in general flow of patients waiting their turn. Each patient accompanied by his MEDTRAVELCLUB assistant will be accepted by doctor in agreed time.

If you need assistance in several various medicine fields, our company will coordinate all necessary visits to specialists.


Once hospital selected and schedule done MEDTRAVELCLUB would discuss with clinic all dates suitable for the patient. We will try to assign all the necessary meetings with doctors in one day, but it is important to understand that not all tests can be realized in the same day.

We will also book a comfortable hotel or apartment near the hospital. It is more reasonable to live in the hotel than in the hospital during the treatment or examination, as the price per day is much lower.

The patient will receive a schedule of appointments with a list of necessary examinations by e-mail once again which should be on hand.

Our company will prepare a Spanish translation of all documents submitted by the client, but it is always better to have the originals on hand.

If you need medical visa, we will also send to the patient documents required by the Embassy of Spain.

Meeting at the airport

Upon arrival in Barcelona, the driver provided by MEDTRAVELCLUB will accompany the patient to the hotel. The patient can use the driver services to get to all destinations associated with the process of treatment. A personal assistant will be also waiting for the patient at the airport; he will accompany the patient to the hotel, help with registration and answer all questions arisen.

On the appointed day in the clinic the patient will be provided with a translator for communication with hospital staff and doctors. All information given in Spanish will be translated into Russian and sent to the patient in the final report by e-mail within a week after the first consultation with a doctor.

Patient can use a 24-hour telephone support service while staying.

Organization of staying

Besides the full support in medical aspect, MEDTRAVELCLUB will help you to adapt in a foreign country in order to make your stay in Spain as comfortable and quiet as possible. Our clients can always let us the organization of their stay in Spain!

We will take care of booking a hotel that would meet all your needs. MEDTRAVELCLUB employees can also help you to find an apartment which would be located nearby the medical institution chosen.

If necessary, your personal assistant will help you to buy the medicine.

MEDTRAVELCLUB will organize your leisure! You can use the standard excursion tours or the private VIP-tours (services of car renting with a personal driver, individual sightseeing tours with a personal guide, booking top class hotels in the resorts of Spain).

MEDTRAVELCLUB is ready to help our customers in any field: would it be medical or personal aspect.


Selection of clinics, translation all necessary medical documents, making appointments and accompaniment to the doctor 240€ 
Selection of an insurance company in Spain and signing the insurance contract 100€
Translation of documents, certificates, etc 35€/p
Translation of medical documents and their certification by sworn translator From  85€/p.
Accompaniment to the doctor, lawyer, notary, etc. (minimum order - 2 hours) 60€/hour
Transfer (one way) 45€
Transfer in a city-luxury car 115€
Transportation services in big cities of Spain 45€/hour
Transportation services in luxury cars 80€/hour
Selection and booking a hotel /a car in Spain 40€
Reservations and purchasing railway/ tickets, etc. 25€




If you are not sure which service to book we offer you an information service:


At your request we will prepare an individual price list.




50% of information services cost is deducted from the final cost.


Information service 80 €


The cost of services does not include VAT 21%.