Cardiology in Spain


According to the statistics, cardiology diseases are the most common in the world.

Based on our experience, the following diseases associated with heart problems of our patients are the most common:

• cardiac arrhythmias diagnosis,

• hypertension diagnosis,

• blode stroke diagnosis,

• heart attacks,

• ischemia diagnosis

• cardiac defect diagnosis,

• coronary artery disease (angina)

• cardiac insufficiency

• myocardial infarction

Advantages of the treatment in Spain:

MEDTRAVELCLUB works with the best medical centers that offer the excellent service. There are internationally recognized experts among Spanish cardiologists whose names will be included in the history of world medicine.

For example, Dr. Badimon designed a laboratory boxing which is currently used worldwide by scientists for studying the drug’s effects, cellular interactions and the thrombosis principle. Also, Spanish Dr. Carlos Makayat had become a pioneer arteries stenting technique and he was the first who introduced a bioabsorbable stent. Dr. Josep Brugada, together with his brother Pedro discovered and described "Brugada syndrome". Dr. Francisco Fernandez-Aviles, in collaboration with the University of Minnesota has been working to create an artificial heart from stem cells of the patient. The list of achievements of Spanish experts is long!

It should be noted that their achievements have been repeatedly awarded by leading international organizations: the American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology, the European Society of Cardiology and the Inter-American Society of Cardiology.

Pediatric cardiology in Europe: brilliant results.

The introduction of experimental techniques that enable to cope with congenital heart disease, gave the pediatric surgeons in Spain an international recognition. Our clinics use the most modern methods of instrumental and laboratory diagnostics that allow establishing the correct diagnosis in the most difficult cases. And the use of minimally invasive endoscopic techniques during surgical interventions reduces any risks and shortens the postoperative period.

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