Andrology in Spain

The following figures show great significance of an andrology: 40% of men over 40 y.o. have different degrees of severity of an erectile dysfunction, more than 25% of men in Russia suffers from premature ejaculation. All this dramatically reduces the quality of life of people and often leads to depressions and the family's disintegration.

Andrology treatment of in Spain. What does MEDTRAVELCLUB offer?

We are pleased to offer an effective solution to man's problems with advanced diagnostic methods, such us: testicular Doppler ultrasound, semen and sperm analysis, blood tests and the study of male sex hormones, genetic study (karyotype, FISH; TUNEL), testicular puncture or biopsy.

In most cases, these studies allow us to establish the cause of infertility in men and make the right choice in the treatment, interacting with other medical departments.

If you want to be treated abroad, you can submit your application on our website by filling out the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.