Male infertility treatment


Before it was believed that the cause of male infertility can be only trauma or injury of genitals and just from last century doctors have started to consider more causes.

Only after a while doctors realized that a man's ability to fertilize depends on the number of sperm in the ejaculate, and their viability. So, thus the main type of diagnosis of male infertility – semen analysis appeared.

What does a diagnosis of "male infertility" mean?

It is characterized by spermatogenesis failure, i.e. the complete or partial absence of high-quality sperm male or ejaculatory canals disorders.


Among the causes of male infertility include:

• Sexually transmitted and infectious diseases
• Inflammatory processes
• Genitals Injuries or tumors
• Severe chronic diseases
• Hormonal disorders
• Genetic abnormalities
• Certain substances deficiency
• Anatomical defects of the reproductive system
• Surgeries in the pelvic zone
• Exposure to radiation and toxic substances
• Abuse of alcohol and drugs
• Congestion caused by physical inactivity
• Living in an environmentally dangerous area and a variety of other reasons.

We work with the best Spanish specialists in the field of andrology and urology

Only a professional doctor-andrologist can identify the correct causes. We proud of the brilliant team of experts we work with. Among them we can mark doctor Villavicencio who uses the most advanced technologies: for example, robotic prostate surgery. Another well-known specialist is Dr. Edward Ruiz-Castanet, an expert in male dysfunctions. In 2008, he applied the complete reconstruction of male sex glands technique. Dr. Alberto Breda from Fundacio Puigvert is a pioneer in the field of kidney transplantation and the use of minimally invasive surgery.

A diagnosis is the first step to treat male infertility

To clearly define the reasons you need to do:

• General analysis
• Semen analysis and MAR-test, IgG
• Functional examination (examination of the genital organs)
• To investigate the hormonal status
• Semen molecular genetics study
• Infection screening
• If there are anatomical changes - to investigate the blood circulation in the testicles, and to assess the level of arterial blood supply to the corpora cavernosa

This is only general information about diagnostic methods, in each case we choose the individual method of treatment! If you want to be treated abroad, you can submit your application on our website by filling out the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.