Diabetes and Obesity in Spain

Diabetes and obesity in Spain


Best Spanish clinics offer MEDTRAVELCLUB clients multidisciplinary program against obesity, which will help them achieve the goals, not only in the short but also in the medium and long term, which is very important in chronic nature of the disease.


Each patient is unique. In addition to the quantitative analysis, which consists in calculating the body mass index, diagnostics and there should be taken in a consideration complex and personalized diagnostics, which includes a study of risk factors of eating behavior, psychological profile and currently living condition of the patient.

For example, in the Obesity treatment department in Clínica Universidad de Navarra the system BOD-POD is used, allowing measuring the amount of fat and muscle mass due to the displacement of air. It is a capsule in which the patient is placed. The procedure lasts about 15 minutes, the patient breathes through a small tube, while the system realizes measurement. It gives a clear notion of how much fat is contained in our body, thereby gaining greater diagnostic value in the detection and obesity treatment.

Treatment methods. What does MEDTRAVELCLUB offer?

A multidisciplinary team of specialists carefully studies each case and advises the patient to choose the optimal method of treatment:

Gastric balloon. Endoscopic treatment of obesity, simple and non-invasive way.

• Endoluminal surgical treatment of obesity at an early stage (POSE) is reducing the volume of the stomach endoscopically. It is also minimally invasive surgery with low risks. POSE is carried out using a flexible endoscope without incision and with general anesthesia. The endoscope and other tools are introduced through the mouth into the stomach. After this the stomach volume reduce, and the patient can feel a sense of fullness after even a small amount of food. The patient can be back to a relatively normal life after 24 hours of the surgery. A month later, the patient can eat a balanced diet under endocrinologists, nutritionists and psychologists control. As a rule, patients begin to lose weight in the first week after surgery, and in a year weight loss reaches up to 40-60 kg.

Sleeve gastrectomy.It is a restrictive technique reduces the volume of the stomach by laparoscopic method.

Gastric bypass. It is a combined technique which reduces the stomach volume and changes the small intestine to limit the absorption of fats and sugars.

Adjustable gastric banding. It is a reliable and simple restrictive technique which reduces the volume of the stomach.

Other weight loss methods



T-SHOCK 31 – is an effective weight loss system of occlusive bandages that has the maximum effect on fat, liquid excess and toxins mobilization.


You always can change the body shape without doing exhausting sports by removing unwanted fat surgically. Liposuction (also known as lipoplasty) – is an operation when the fat is removing from specific areas of the body in a safe way. Over time the fat does not appear again, because after puberty fat cells are no longer playable. So, liposuction removes a certain number of adipocytes, which are not reproduced, that's why the results are permanent.

Our upscale clinic such as Grupo Hospitalario Quirón, Clínica Planas, Quirón Teknon, Institut Vila Rovira, Clínica Inma Costa and many others will help to restore your body shape a perfect look! Advanced health spas and resorts, which combine the western science achievements and ancient eastern practices, are also available for our patients.

MEDTRAVELCLUB organizes the trip in the world of beauty and health, while you enjoy the cultural richness of Spain. Solicit further information and make a request on our website.