POSE obesity treatment

This is the endoscopic procedure for the obesity treatment, which was developed by the American doctor Tom Lavigne.

The method is considered to be a safe and minimally invasive, since procedure is performed endoscopically and without cuts. This method has several advantages: there is less pain after the operation, reducing the risk of infection, no external scars, rapid recovery, patients stay less in the hospital after the operation.

POSE (the new method of obesity treatment) is carried out using a flexible endoscope and without cuts and general anesthesia. IOP endoscope and instruments are inserted through the mouth into the stomach. After the intervention the stomach volume is reduced, and the patient could experience a feeling of fullness while taking even small amounts of food. At 24 hours after surgery, the patient can be back to a relatively normal life. A month later, the patient should mantain a balanced diet under the supervision of endocrinologists, nutritionists, psychologists and specialists in the gastrointestinal tract. As a rule, patients begin to lose weight in the first week after surgery, and a year weight loss reaches up to 40-60 kg.

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