Genetics in Spain

Genetics in Spain


It says genomic medicine – is medicine of the future. It's kind of a new concept of preventive medicine, based on the identification of genes that provoke certain disease. Subsequently, all the information obtained helps to find the best solution for the patient, as well as to anticipate to a particular disease, long before the appearance of its symptoms! We offer a complete study of the genetic material thus predicting diseases transmitted by inheritance.

Among the well-known experts whom we work with, we can highlight Dr. José Ignacio Lao – a specialist in genetics and a co-author of the biochip of DNA, which was created for the analysis of multifactorial diseases. He described and published the mutation PSEN2 which provokes Alzheimer's disease. This mutation was the first in Spain and the third in the world.

Let's have a glance on the areas of health care, where the genetics plays the key role.


Special characteristics of each patient play very important role in nutrition and effectiveness of a genetic diet. Not all diets and not all products are equally good for everybody. At the present time we must take into account the knowledge of the genetic characteristics, pharmacogenomics, which shows how the patient responds to medication, kinesiogenetic, which shows how stress affects the genetic features. Also, knowledge of the genetic characteristics of each person helps to avoid side effects and complications. You can find the most appropriate type of genetic diagnosis for you in Hospital Teknon: Tests Nutri Chip and Obese Chip will help to identify genes that influence obesity, energy balance (the genes that are responsible for the metabolism of polyunsaturated fatty acids), the regulation of appetite and many other factors. Based on obtained research, doctors will help you to make the individual diet that would meet all of its characteristics, as well as an appropriate exercise plan.

Genetic tests for pregnant women

Parents should start to take care of the child at a time when he is in the womb. The best genetic center Genomic Genetics International offers special genetic tests which help to identify the main chromosome abnormalities of the fetus.

Genetic tests for babies

The first years of newborn's life are very important! It is essential to know how his body responds to different types of products contained in the vaccinations, food, as well as in the certain medications, because some of them can have destroying toxic effects. Such materials can affect the nervous and cognitive system, not only in present time, but also in the future.

Genetics and Ophthalmology

Institute of Eye Microsurgery, IMO, offers to all of our patients the genetic tests that identify the risk of hereditary diseases. With the Laboratory of Molecular Biology opening in 2013, there were realized over 150 tests involving nearly 1,000 patients. These tests reveal more than 30 hereditary eye diseases by simple blood analysis. You will be able to see the inheritance family tree, to find the probability of disease transmission, to prevent exposed persons and those who are likely to pass the wrong genes through the generations.

Genetic tests and Dental Care

Genetic tests in dental care are also available in Spanish hospitals. It is important to note that approach in other countries is very different from Spanish - in our clinics, we use special microbiological tests to treat gingival. Thus our doctors can identify the bacteria that trigger the disease, and only then we prescribe appropriate treatment.

Genetics and Women's Health

The information obtained from genetic analysis helps to identify the hormonal factors that influence on the well-being of every woman's life.

Genetics and Sports

Genetic tests help sportsmen to determine the factors most affecting their progress. It is also important to understand that some kinds of sports may not be suitable for certain people. You can find out what kind of sport is suitable for you, analyze risk of sports injuries and problems associated with your cardio-vascular system in Genomic Genetics International.

Dear patients, the diagnosis at early stage are the key factor in solving your health problems! MEDTRAVELCLUB invites you to combine a fascinating journey in Spain and efficient medical treatment by specialists with a worldwide reputation!