Laser surgery in Spain


The word LASER is an abbreviation of "light amplification by stimulated emission." Powerful lasers are capable to heat biological tissue, so it leads to its evaporation and cuts it. The use of lasers in medicine allows performing efficiently the previously impossible operations with minimal invasiveness.

The benefits of laser surgery in Spain:

• There is no direct contact between the tool and skin, so there is a minimum risk of infection.

• Coagulating effect of emission allows making virtually bloodless cuts and stops bleeding from wounds.

• Sterilizing emission effect prevents infections and postoperative complications.

• The ability to control the laser parameters allows to obtain the necessary effects of the emission on biological tissues.

• Minimal impact on surrounding tissue.

The laser use allows performing efficiently different kinds of interventions in dental surgery, urology, ENT, gynecology, neurosurgery, etc.

Laser scalpel is used in a large number of operations:

• In the abdomen zone (appendectomy, cholecystectomy, resection of adhesions, hernia incision, resection of parenchymal organs and many others).

• In the tracheobronchial zone (removal of tracheal and bronchial fistula, recanalization of trachea tumors, etc).

• In ENT (correction of the nasal septum, adenektomiya, removal of scar stenosis of external auditory canal, tympanotomy, removal of polyps, etc.).

• In urology (removal of carcinomas, polyps, atheroma scrotal skin).

• In gynecology (removal of cysts, polyps, tumors).

The use of lasers in cosmetic surgery

In Europe, lasers are used in cosmetic surgery as well. Almost all Spanish hospitals have advanced laser equipment. Clinics such as Instituto Laser Barcelona, ​​Clínica Inma Costa, Instituto Vila Rovira achieved a great success in this field.

Making resections with a laser scalpel helps to avoid swelling, bruising, infection and reduces the risk of complications. Pulses with a certain wavelength sand skin as it does laser peel, remove vascular and pigmented lesions, and stimulate the collagen and elastin production which basically means returning of youth and aging prevention.

Are there any contraindications?

Regarding contraindications, there are almost no any. Before doctors tried not to use laser treating patients with jaundice, cancer, blood diseases or diabetes. Now lasers are used in almost all cases, even a pregnancy is not a contraindication.

According American and Japanese scientists forecasts the laser medicine will become dominating in the XXI century. Nowadays only about 5% procedures are performed with a laser, but after 20-25 years the number will increased up to 50%.

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