Diagnosis (Check-up) in Spain

Обследование в Европе


MEDTRAVELCLUB and leading medical centers in Spain offer the medical checkup abroad. The most advanced technologies, consultations of leading experts, a wide variety of checkup programs, maximum comfort – all this is available for our patients.

Everyone knows that "prevention is better than cure", because it helps to prevent the destructive processes at an early stage. We offer you an excellent opportunity - to do a complex body examination, which can allow, if necessary, to develop a personalized program of preventive treatment abroad.

Checkup in Europe. What does MEDTRAVELCLUB offer?

The expanded program of health checkup includes:

• consultation with a therapist;
• biochemical blood tests;
• general and complete urinalysis;
• chest X-ray;
• electrocardiogram;
• consultation with an ophthalmologist with measurement of visual acuity;
• abdominal organs echoscopy;
• consultation with obstetrician-gynecologist and endoscopic genitals screening;
• study of the eye fundus with the measurement of intraocular pressure;
• secondary consultation with a therapist with conclusions and further recommendations.

The checkup of digestive system includes:

• consultation with a gastroenterologist;
• common, biochemical and enzyme blood tests;
• a complex urine analysis;
• abdominal echoscopy;
• electrocardiography with gastroscopy under anesthesia;
• colonoscopy;
• biopsy;
• secondary consultation with a gastroenterologist with conclusions and further recommendations.

The checkup of cardiovascular system includes:

• consultation with a cardiologist;
• general and biochemical blood tests;
• a complex urine analysis;
• electrocardiography under load and at rest;
• secondary consultation with a cardiologist with conclusions and further recommendations.

Other health checkups of in Europe:

• urogenital system;
• the presence of breast cancer;
• gynecological system;
• respiratory system;
• thyroid gland;
• organs of vision;
• urogenital system in men;
• digestive system.

Do you want to get the medical treatment abroad? We will help to organize the health checkups in Europe. Solicit further information and make a request on our website.

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